Sabian Symbols

Z AstroWiki = encyklopedia astrologii

Spis treści


1° A woman has risen from the water; a seal has emerged also, and is embracing her.
2° A comedian is entertaining a group of friends.
3° A cameo shows the profile of a man that suggests the outline of his country.
4° Two lovers are strolling through a secluded walk.
5° A white triangle is seen; it has golden wings.
6° A black square stands firmly, illumined red on one side.
7° A man comes forward flushed with the successful and simultaneous expression of his talents in two separate realms.
8° A large old-fashioned woman's hat is revealed with streamers flying in a stiff breeze from the east.
9° A seer gazes intently into a crystal ball before him.
10° A savant is revealed, a man who has created new forms for old symbols that have lost their meaning.
11° The president of the republic or the ruler of his country is presented.
12° A flock of white geese is seen in flight overhead.
13° A bomb that has failed to explode is now safely hidden from discovery.
14° A serpent is circling a man and a woman who are very engrossed in each other.
15° An Indian is silently but deftly weaving a basket in the light of the setting sun.
16° Brightly clad brownies are seen dancing in the warm dying light.
17° Two prim spinsters are sitting together quietly.
18° An empty hammock hangs between two lovely trees.
19° A magic carpet hovers over the depressing reality of every day life in an industrial area.
20° A young girl is seen feeding the swans in a sheltered public park.
21° A pugilist flushed with life and strength is entering the ring.
22° A handsome grilled gateway opens to the garden of all desired things.
23° A woman clothed in the delicate tints of early summer is seen carrying a heavy and valuable yet veiled burden.
24° An open window of an old-fashioned room is seen, the net curtain is blowing inward into the shape of a cornucopia.
25° A double promise revealed by some suggestive event of both immediate or literal and sentimental significance.
26° A man is seen burning to incandescent heat with the wealth of that which he has to give.
27° A panorama of blending events out of the past shows the regaining of lost opportunity through the imagination.
28° A large audience is seen rejoicing in some disillusionment to which it has just been subjected.
29° A celestial choir has risen to sing.
30° A duck pond is revealed, on which a young brood of ducklings are disporting themselves.


1° A clear mountain stream flows steadily through a rocky defile.
2° A brilliant electrical display illuminates the heavens and the forests beneath.
3° A beautiful expanse shows natural steps leading upward to a lawn of clover in full bloom.
4° The rainbow's pot of gold is revealed in the midst of shower of sparkling and flashing colors.
5° A youthful widow, fresh and soul-cleansed from grief, kneels at a grave to receive the secret of eternal life.
6° A delicate cantilever bridge is in process of construction across a high narrow gorge.
7° Out of the past comes the woman of Samaria to draw water from Jacob's well.
8° A sleigh with all the suggestive warmth of the winter season speeds over ground on which the snow is yet to fall.
9° A Christmas tree, bending with its weight of gifts, is illumined at the end of a vast darkened hall.
10° A pretty lass in Red Cross uniform is hurrying about the duties that a warm sympathy has dictated.
11° A woman, cool in sunbonnet and simple garments, is leisurely watering long rows of flowers in full bloom.
12° A quite youthful young couple is walking down a busy street, stopping to peer into every window with joyful glee.
13° A man very cheerful in his working clothes is handling a mountain of baggage the best he can.
14° Several children are splashing with delight in a receding tide, and at their feet are shellfish groping for shelter.
15° A man in evening clothes, muffled to breast the storm through which he walks, yet wears his top hat rakishly.
16° An old man is attempting with a degree of success unsuspected by him to reveal the Mysteries to a motley group.
17° An imaginative battle is underway between swords (the disciples of might) and torches (the disciples of enlightenment)
18 A woman is holding a linen bag out of her window to give it fresh air and sunshine.
19 A newly formed continent is seen, fresh and green within its setting of interminable ocean.
20 Light scurrying wisps of clouds are streaming in rapid movement across the sky.
21° A moving finger points to the significant passages in a large open book.
22° A white homing pigeon flies straight a fearlessly over a broad body of troubled water.
23° A magnificent jewelry shop is revealed, containing every conceivable article of value of beauty.
24° A mounted Indian brave rides proudly with human scalps as trophies at his belt.
25° A magnificent public park spreads its charm before the eye in a vista that awes the loftiest spirit.
26° A Spanish gallant stands at the window grill of his love, serenading her with the softer melodies of night.
27° A hopelessly withered old Indian squaw, with a clear light persisting in beady eyes, is selling trinkets.
28° A woman in middle life stands in rapt sudden realization of forgotten charms, in unexpected recovery of romance.
29° Two garrulous cobblers are working side by side on their ancient bench.
30 A peacock parades its splendor on the quiet lawn of an old palace garden in dignified silence.


1° A glass-bottomed boat drifts silently and easily over a constantly shifting panorama of marine wonders.
2° A nervous gentleman dressed in an elaborate Santa Clause costume is filling Christmas stockings furtively.
3° An etching or rare beauty displays a charming court life at the garden of the Tuileries under Louis XIV.
4° A series of rooms in a hospitable house, opening one into another, are decorated gaily with holly and mistletoe.
5° A publication devoted to some vital moment for human welfare flaunts an attention-compelling cover.
6° In flaring artificial light, amidst ghostly steam escaping through the rigging, grimy workmen are drilling for oil.
7° An old fashioned well, still yielding the purest and coldest of waters, stands invitingly near a shade of trees.
8° A great industrial plant is closed down and around it mills a crowd of agitators and striking workmen.
9° A medieval archer stands with ease of one wholly sure of himself, bow in hand and quiver filled with arrows.
10° An airplane dives toward the earth as though falling, but rights and recovers itself with smooth gracefulness.
11° A new real-estate subdivision is revealed with wide paved streets, ornamental lights and a few- newly-built houses.
12° A little black slave girl of ante-bellum days, with crinkly hair and saucy eyes, demands her rights of her mistress.
13° The great artist, a world famous pianist, sits at his instrument on the stage of a huge auditorium.
14° Two people at widely different points are in conversation with each other by means of telepathy.
15° Two Dutch children in their immaculate native costumes are studying their lessons together.
16° A woman agitator stands upon a platform, making an impassioned plea to a surrounding group in men.
17° The head of a handsome youthful athlete slowly changes into a different type of beauty, the mature thinker.
18° Standing apart from the passing stream of well-dressed shoppers, two Chinamen in San Francisco are talking Chinese.
19° In the somber archives of a sedate museum a large archaic volume is somewhat conspicuously displayed.
20° A self-service restaurant, the cafeteria such as originated in Los Angeles, displays its inviting steam tables.
21° A throbbing mass of humanity have packed the confines of a city square; it is a labor demonstration.
22° An old-fashioned harvest home festival is at its height with flashing dancing couples crowding the barn floor.
23° Three fledglings, secure in their nest high in the tree, already reveal deep pride of their heritage.
24° A group of carefree children, gaily dressed for their sport, are skating about smoothly on a backwoods pond.
25° A gardener, with all of a mother's care for her child, is trimming a magnificent row of tropical palms.
26° The winter frost has stolen through the woods and given to the trees and underbrush a witching cosmic lacery.
27° A young gypsy youth comes springing out of the forest, regarding the spreading vista before him with deep interest.
28° A man is leaving a courtroom with mixed feelings of relief & determination; he has just passed through bankruptcy.
29° High in a tree that has given only the faintest evidence of returning spring, a mocking bird delivers its repertoire.
30° A typically American conceit is seen; a parade of bathing beauties before the judges and crowd at a seaside resort.


1° A man upon a ship stands impatiently with a flag in his hands, ready to run it up in place of the one now flown.
2° An alert and eager individual rests upon a magic carpet, observing a vast level vista over which he hovers motionless.
3° Through the cold darkening depths of a Northern canyon a man all bundled up in furs leads a shaggy reindeer.
4° In an imaginative tableau a hungry cat is seen arguing earnestly with the mouse who is to be her victim.
5° A man in an automobile, maddened by the lust for speed, races with a fast rain and loses; he is killed.
6° It is in the flush of spring, and innumerable wild or game birds are seen feathering their nests.
7° In a fairy glade, in a quiet circle of moonlight, two of the little people are executing a fanciful dance.
8° An imaginary land of rabbits is revealed, with its citizens faultlessly dressed and on dignified parade.
9° A little miss, innocently devoid of any suggestion of clothing, leans over to catch a goldfish in a sparkling pond.
10° A large and beautiful diamond, in the hand of the lapidary, is now to be cut to its full perfection.
11° A clown is making merry, gently caricaturing all manners of human traits with his grimaces and pantomime.
12° A slant-eyed Chinese woman is nursing a baby, and about the child is the glorious nimbus of divine incarnation.
13° A hand, which is held out receptively, is remarkable for the suggestion of character in its prominent thumb.
14° A very old man, feebleness adds strangely to his dignity, stands alone, facing the darkness in the northeast.
15° A group of merry sluggish individuals are resting; they have over eaten most indiscreetly and enjoyed it.
16° A futuristic editorial office provides unconscious symbolism; table, manuscript, martial visitor, all are square.
17° A huge precious stone is so cut that its principal facet mirrors the whole scene before it in sparkling miniature.
18° On all sides is the bustle of the barnyard, and its old-fashioned and natural life a hen clucks among her chicks.
19° A fragile miss, representative of proud old blood, is wed by a pompous priest to an eager youth of the new order.
20° During celebration of some fete the canals of Venice are crowded; in a gondola are serenaders merry-making.
21° The magnificent opera house with its glittering audience rests in silence; the prima donna is singing.
22° A young woman, neatly attired in outing clothes, eyes softened by dreaming, awaits a sailboat headed toward her.
23° A serious little study group, a literary club, has met for social and intellectual fellowship in some member's home.
24° Three castaways, a woman and two men, stand on a bit of glorious sunlit land facing the broad southern ocean.
25° A leader of men erect and fearless suddenly finds thrown across his right shoulder an invisible mantle of power.
26° The magnificent, luxurious library of some wealthy home is revealed; among the cushions several guests are reading.
27° In a normally peaceful canyon, with wealthy secluded ranches, a furious storm seems to multiply its terrors.
28° An American Indian girl, college trained but returned to her people, seek to win their friendship for her lover.
29° A Grecian pastoral allegory is seen; a peasant lass is mother of twins and these a Muse now weighs in golden scales.
30° A Daughter of the American Revolution walks proudly to the rostrum; it is the meeting of some women's society.


1° A fat and normally good-natured little man of affairs is bursting with determination to have his own way.
2° Several children are having holiday together; an epidemic of mumps has given them new, not unpleasant fellowship.
3° A woman of middle years is bobbing her hair for the first time; a look of rebellion melts to surprised anticipation.
4° An elderly man in evening clothes, of poised and military bearing, stands alone before a lovely mounted moose head.
5° Overhanging a vast canyon, but giving evidences of thousands of years of survival, are suggestive masses of granite.
6° A sweet old-fashioned belle and a pert and attractive little modern flapper, stand in mutual envy of each other.
7° The night heavens are seen in their wonder, as on the desert when the moon is dark; the constellations are at play.
8° A man of mean and low appearance, but with the burning fire of a great cause in his eyes, is stirring up discontent.
9° In a scene of weird display and brilliant colors, glass-blowers produce one-by-one the marvels of their craft.
10° Everywhere there is a sparkle and nature is revealed in pastel colors; the early morning dew salutes the sunlight.
11° Beneath a huge oak, which holds back the rising heat of noon, some children potter at their games in a great swing.
12° Japanese lanterns, music from a string ensemble & an animated interweaving of colorful figures mark a garden party.
13° A bit of green grass before a neatly flowered cottage by the sea supports a chair in which an old sea captain rocks.
14° In the form of a cherub, whispering soft coaxing in words into every receptive ear, a human soul seeks expression.
15° The great American carnival, Mardi Gras at New Orleans, is seen with a wealth of floats, decorations and merriment.
16° The sunshine floods the sleepy village street, a storm has left everything drenched, and wondrously refreshed.
17° A volunteer church choir is seen during rehearsal, far more interested in social than musical elements of the occasion.
18° An instructor in chemistry is conducting an experiment before his class, in the midst of a maze of apparatus.
19° A clubhouse built on a floating barge is gaily decorated, and crowded with revelers; the water reflects its lights.
20° A group of prehistoric American Indians are seen in the course of an elaborate and impressive invocation to the sun.
21° A few chickens who have gotten at some fermented seed, and are happily intoxicated
22° A carrier pigeon comes swiftly through the early light of morning, and flutters to the feet of a group of fanciers.
23° The scene is a circus-crowded with spectators, and in a moment of hush a bareback rider performs extraordinarily.
24° A strange figure is revealed, outwardly unprepossessing, untidy, unkempt, he is a yogi of transcendent powers.
25° A solitary camel crosses the desert with his rider; he is indifferent to the hazards of storm and lack of supplies.
26° A perfect rainbow forms slowly in the summer rain as the sun begins to break through the rather thin cloudbanks.
27° Over at the eastern edge of the night the streaks of dawn appear; gradually the mounting light wipes out the stars.
28° Innumerable little birds have settled down upon one large tree; they chirp happily to each other in endless rows.
29° A mermaiden has climbed to the rocky shore of a bleak coast; she awaits the prince who will bring her immortality.
30° Into a letter is poured vital and confidential information; it is folded carefully, but the envelope is not sealed.


1° A man's head is revealed ; it is a portrait in which the artist has sought to idealize the best of human character.
2° A simple but impressively large white cross has been set up in splendid isolation on top of a commanding eminence.
3° A glorious vision unfolds over a little struggling family in the wilderness; two mighty angels bringing protection.
4° A little chocolate pickaninny is playing with white children; neither he nor they are aware of the racial difference.
5° A man lies dreaming in the shade of an Irish countryside; his dreams bring to him the playful little people.
6° Children's voices, and smiles of elders; it is a merry-go-round with blatant music and unrestrained joyousness.
7° The women's quarters of an Oriental palace are revealed; here are the bright and unafraid eyes of cloistered souls.
8° A poor little rich girl, not above five years of age, is given with much attendance a first dancing lesson.
9° An earnest but bizarre looking individual is painting on a canvas; his art is futuristic and unintelligible.
10° As if in a moment of vision a man is seen possessed of two heads; both of these look out and beyond the shadows.
11° A beautiful boy is revealed; he is all boy in every way, but in him lives the idealization of a wise mother.
12° A bride rises laughingly, youthfully radiant in her white, wishing to scold the groom who has snatched way her veil.
13° A statesman stands before the mob; his strong hand can be seen in a transforming of hysteria into new enthusiasm.
14° A large sheet of parchment is covered with finely lettered names and mysterious lines; it is a splendid family tree.
15° A handkerchief of the finest linen and oldest lace lies folded near milady's mirror by a bottle of rare perfume.
16° The delighted children are crowded about a cage in the zoo; an orang-utang is sitting is a spot in the afternoon sun.
17° A vast display of cosmic forces is seen in the eruption of a volcano with dust clouds, flowing lava, earth rumblings.
18° Two giggling young girls are sitting facing each other, knees tightly touching, working a ouija board on their laps.
19° There is a colorful gallery on the warm summer day; in the clear blue water a swimming race nears its decision.
20° A group of old-fashioned automobiles comprise a caravan of settlers on the move; a fresh enthusiasm marks the party.
21° A large cheerful but bare room holds two teams of fresh young girls engaged in a laughing game of basketball.
22° Upon rich velvet in a case, at an exhibition, is an exquisitely wrought miniature; a jewel-set royal coat-of-arms.
23° A man clad in gay colors of the circus rushes into the barred arena where unwilling animals await his bidding.
24° A large book for children is open at a colored page; here Mary with her yellow curls leads an immaculate white lamb.
25° A large glorious public building is seen set in a spacious part; before it a flag moves with the breezes at half-mast.
26° A highly ritualistic service is in process; officiating priests are automatons, a boy with a censer is rapt-eyed.
27° In the luxurious quarters of a home furnished in delicate period style elderly ladies are enjoying afternoon tea.
28° A bald-headed man in uniform completely dominates an assembly of men, diplomats, scientists, and industrialists.
29° A scholar has just succeeded in deciphering an archaic manuscript; it holds for him an idea for which he has long sought.
30° A suburbanite grins; an emergency call to the house of a neighbor frees him from some item of household drudgery.


1° A symbolical painting is seen; a beautiful butterfly meeting sacrificial death through an impaling dart of wisdom.
2° A new symphony is played by the orchestra; the music dramatizes racial progress from aspiration to realization.
3° A new day dawns when the light permits the recognition of detail it can be seen that all things are changed.
4° A group of students of higher truth in summer conference are seated about a camp fire in unconscious meditation.
5° A teacher of the occult betrays his possession of the real knowledge by the inspiration of his gathered students.
6° A pilgrim sits on a rustic bench and one-by-one his ideals in a sort of trance vision take form before him.
7° An eccentric old witch is feeding her chickens and seeking to allay their fear of a hawk whom she has just tamed.
8° In the depths of the woods is an abandoned farm; in the deserted house a fireplace blazes merrily and mysteriously.
9° Three Old Masters hang together in an art gallery; they have a room to themselves and seem to hold converse.
10° Placid waters are revealed at the bottom of a narrow rapids; a canoe is rapidly and surely approaching.
11° A kindly old professor, from (behind) his battered desk looks out over his eyeglasses at a class eagerly awaiting his words.
12° A worker's shift is finished and the miners emerge from their grimy hole into the daylight and life above ground.
13° A children's birthday party is in progress; on a side porch a group of youngsters are blowing soap bubbles.
14° The courtyard of a Spanish hacienda in a tropical country is revealed; in its shade the master takes a noon siesta.
15° An odd looking collection of machinery parts lie together; all are new and ready to use, all are circular.
16° The storms of the winter have washed away the boat-landing; some happy souls at the beach resort are building one.
17° A retired sea-captain, still resplendent in his uniform, frequents the docks from which the world's commerce departs.
18° Two men are placed under arrest and taken away to give an accounting for their acts before a tribunal of society.
19° A gang of robbers are seen in hiding, ready and anxious to attack the heavily armed caravan just coming into sight.
20° In a tiny room ridiculously cluttered with manuscripts and books sits a Jewish rabbi at ease with self and world.
21° It is a hot Sunday afternoon in summer and upon the beach is a milling crowd enjoying precious ocean freshness.
22° A little child is laughing as the water is turned into an artistic little fountain and as the birds hurry to drink.
23° A chanticleer mounts the corner post of the fence; never will the day again be greeted with the enthusiasm now born.
24° A marvelously colored and figured butterfly is spread before the eyes; on its left is an extra and third wing.
25° A little boy, rebellious against school, watches a fluttering autumn leaf that seems to spell out his lesson for him.
26° In an allegorical representation an eagle and a large white dove are revealed constantly changing into each other.
27° Like a great soaring bird - a single brilliant spot in the bright sky- an airplane overhead sails about calmly.
28° A man stands alone in surrounding gloom; were his eyes open to spirit things he would see helping angels arriving.
29° It's a seer's dream; vast masses of humanity push forward in frantic effort to cross the black chasm of knowledge.
30° The phrenologist is reading bumps for his clients; he explains three mounds of knowledge on a philosophers head.


1° A sight-seeing bus is threading its way through crowded city traffic; its occupants eagerly view the sights.
2° What has been a handsome and valuable bottle lies broken and forgotten; a track of living perfume leads from it.
3° At a clearing of pioneer days in the forest all the neighbors have gathered to assist in a happy house-raising.
4° In an old-fashioned candle lighting service a youth gains for the first time a sense of the great other world.
5° A massive rocky shore presents its unchanging face of the centuries to the furies and coaxing calms of the sea.
6° Sutter's river empire of early California is seen; then all is swept away in the spectacular gold rush of 1849.
7° A queer craft equipped with special machinery is the base of operations for courageous divers of the deep sea.
8° A beautiful gem of a lake set high in the mountains is revealed in the silvery bathing light of a full moon.
9° A dentist hard at work; man made porcelain replaces nature's enamel which consciousness has been unable to hold.
10° A fellowship supper is served to a group of men brought together in reunion to live again in forgotten moments.
11° There is great excitement on the narrow and treacherous beach; finally a drowning man is saved and brought ashore.
12° A brilliant assembly of dignitaries is seen on a highly polished dance floor; it is an important embassy ball.
13° In a rattle trap old wooden barn an earnest man works in a maze of apparatus; invention at the point of success.
14° Through a seemingly inaccessible mountainous country the telephone linemen carry their thin lines of communication.
15° In unconscious occult symbolism a group of laughing, joyous children are playing on five mounds of sand.
16° A girl's face is revealed of fine, delicate, aristocratic features; suddenly these break into a glorious smile.
17° A woman is great with child; the remarkable thing is that she was impregnated by her own spirit or aspiration.
18° A winding quiet road, carpeted by the falling leaves, leads through an old fashioned woods rich in autumn color.
19° A wise old parrot has been listening attentively to the conversation and preening himself; now he begins to talk.
20° An immensely tall entranceway is closed by heavy and dark velvet portieres; a woman in white draws these aside.
21° A soldier runs the risk of court-martial in remaining absent without leave, but a lovely miss clings to him.
22° A group of hunters protected by heavy clothing are making their way out into the marsh to shoot wild ducks.
23° A little white rabbit rests contentedly in his cage; before the eyes he metamorphoses into an elf in a fairy glade.
24° A steady stream of people down a mountain side gives testimony to the power of the man who has there addressed them.
25° An x-ray machine is in operation; by means of it a bit of fine diagnosis is made possible, and a life is preserved.
26° A group of American Indians are making camp; as if by magic the teepees are erected and home comfort established.
27° Scintillating with the flash of the instruments and the colors of banners and uniforms, a military band is marching.
28° A pageant of fairyland is made visible to mortal eyes; the king of the little people is welcomed to his domain.
29° Flanked by the splendor of an Incan monarch's court a mother of captured princelets pleads archly for their lives.
30° The town jester is in his element; it is Halloween and there is now justification for any and all of his pranks.


1° A group of elderly men in uniforms, eyes bright with reminiscence, are gathered at a Grand Army of the Republic campfire.
2° A quick wind is making sport with the sea; through sharp mist as far as sight reaches are scurrying whitecaps.
3° Two men, lounging in the comfort of an old drawing room and with strong pipes, are playing a games of chess.
4° A little child is learning to walk; near(by) are happy parents wise enough to refuse unnecessary assistance.
5° An owl is gravely perched high and deep in the shade of an old landmark of a tree, solitary on a point of land.
6° There is a great display of color coming and going in a large concourse of people; it is a cricket game.
7° A little fellow sly and smiling knocks at the door of the human heart; it is none other than cupid himself.
8° In the caldron of the universe the rocks and world stuff are in the process of formation; the metals glint within.
9° A mother is leading her children up a broad flight of steps, they enjoy the task of lifting little feet.
10° In a pageant of progress a glorious little maid with golden hair enacts the part of the goddess of opportunity.
11° An ugly old human figure is the carved representation of a god; near the left side is an ever-burning lamp.
12° In a curious allegorical transformation a flag becomes an eagle, and the eagle becomes chanticleer triumphant.
13° A wistful young woman, dressed in black, is surprised into a warm companionship to which she has felt alien.
14° A vast panorama of sand and time is unfolding; the pyramids and sphinx in their glory rise before the eye.
15° The time is at hand to determine whether winter shall end; the ground hog comes forth looking for its shadow.
16° A peaceful scene is unfolded to view; a calm ocean, a single motionless ship, a few lazy soaring seagulls.
17° An Easter sunrise service is abut to begin at the suggestion of dawn; darkness surrenders to the worshipers.
18° Little children are playing on the sultry beach; but each is protected from the glare by a tiny sunbonnet.
19° The pelicans have been distressed by the intrusion of man; they are moving their habitat to places unknown.
20° The pond has been deeply frozen for weeks; now the men and machinery are at work cutting out the summer's ice.
21° A child and a dog are having all the fun in the world, gravely attending to things in borrowed eyeglasses.
22° A perfect bit of the old world is found in the new; a Chinese laundry has its shutters up and is now itself.
23° Bathed in the slantwise western sun, with the statue of liberty beyond, Ellis Island welcomes the immigrants.
24° The bluebird, as a sign of good luck, and happiness, alights at the door of a little cottage on the highway.
25° A chubby little rich boy rides on a hobby horse of bright colors and wishes for hazards he may never know.
26° The scene is an old-fashioned battle; in the hot hand-to-hand fighting a flag bearer distinguishes himself.
27° A sculptor is at work in his studio, and under his skilled hands a lovely form slowly and surely takes shape.
28° A splendidly built bridge, a heritage of unknown ages, still spans the beautiful and wildly primitive stream.
29° A perspiring fat-boy is mowing the grass; he has discovered the handicap of flesh and is determined to lose it.
30° A picture of regal and sacerdotal pomp and glory reveals itself; the Pope is holding audience in his palace.


1° An Indian chief is standing before the assembled pow-wow of tribes and demands recognition, coldly and regally.
2° Three stained glass windows in an old cathedral are seen, and the center one has been damaged by bombardment.
3° The human soul is visualized as hovering spirit eager and receptive to the lessons to be learned from life.
4° A group of merry-makers are embarking in a large canoe on the magic little lantern-lit lake at the resort.
5° An American Indian encampment rests by the side of a canoe-filled stream and on the shore a war dance commences.
6° A dark archway in the forest leads to greater depths and darkness beyond, in its shade lie an even ten logs.
7° A highly sophisticated magic ritual is displayed with the central figure as a heavily veiled prophet of power.
8° A huge living room in an old fashioned frame mansion is flooded with sunlight and the canaries are singing happily.
9° There is a vast stretch of heavenly realm and across it an angel carrying a harp comes leisurely but surely.
10° On the deck of an old fashioned sailing ship seamen are taming an albatross that feeds from their hand.
11° In a quiet and landscaped portion of a vast private estate a group of pheasants display their brilliant colors.
12° A student is lecturing and conjuring up dancing pictures of distant wonders before each listener.
13° Back against the mountains towards the East that fringe the roof of the world a fire worshipper is meditating.
14° A vast pile of Mayan ruins in tropical America discloses a perfectly preserved bas-relief carved in the granite.
15° It is the children's ward in the hospital with an abundance of toys, books, and gifts for the youngsters.
16° The high school grounds are alive with fresh vitality as the boys appear in their gymnasium suits.
17° A mature but long repressed young woman is bathing surreptitiously in the nude and finding released in spirit.
18° From the proud new warship of Britannia in token of her maritime power flies the Union Jack in calm dignity.
19° A little miss of about five has gone to market with a huge shopping bag and is quite as adult as anybody.
20° There is no service in the church but rising full and clear come the voices of a hidden choir in rehearsal.
21° Excitement thrills the grandstands during the relay race as each runner springs to place with eagerness.
22° The defeated general yields up his sword but in failure he wins for his cause a dignity that is real success.
23° The army is erect in a long faultless line as resplendent officers confer upon a private two awards for bravery.
24° The convent lies between gnarled old trees as a very picture of peace and a woman approaches this sure haven.
25° The little boys are welcomes to the store of the genial oriental rug dealer for rare fun in piled softness.
26° In a little glade never t rod by the foot of man and in the mist of a waterfall dances a care-free water sprite.
27° A party of anchorites are making a mountain pilgrimage and in view lie both the busy world and the quiet way ahead.
28° A large aviary built as a wing to a rural mansion reveals a host of singing and contended feathered citizens.
29° Afternoon tea is served in a gypsy parlor patronized by socialites and here a young lady reads tea leaves.
30° In the mahogany-paneled and magnificently furnished directors room a secret business conference has begun.


1° An old adobe mission rests in the shelter of the California hills and seems as ancient as the mountains behind it.
2° An unexpected thunderstorm breaks over the parched lands of the river empire and its terror is welcome relief.
3° A deserter from the navy stands suddenly aware of the dawning truth that freedom is never the result of compromise.
4° A Hindu pundit emerging from the sleepy and idle warmth of his hut suddenly glows with a mystic healing power.
5° In the land of shades a grave council of the ancestors of a man of world importance has been called to guide him.
6° The stage is dimly lit for an allegorical drama and a solitary performer carries the thread of mystery.
7° In a fantasy presented by the children of an exclusive school a huge egg cracks to reveal a cherubic miss.
8° The fall-fashion display has opened in the fine stores and in their windows are beautifully gowned wax figures.
9° A student sits in quiet meditation and before his eyes a flag seems to form and then changes slowly into an eagle.
10° A man of stature has been catapulted into ephemeral popularity and unspoiled he plans further achievements.
11° An artist has withdrawn from friends and all accustomed haunts to be alone with a new inspiration just forming.
12° A magnificent painting presents life as a broad stairway with the landings (as) various grades of life.
13° Under the shade of the porch of an old-fashioned hotel in a happy little village hangs a sedate barometer.
14° A long and heavy train climbs the steep mountain grade and at last a tunnel offers a shortcut to the other side.
15° Two little love birds are sitting on a fence singing to each other and advertising their happiness to the world.
16° The active executive of a large corporation sits at his desk immersed in the details of some business project.
17° The master is sleeping in the little hut near his newly discovered gold mine with his faithful dog on guard.
18° The masquerade has been long in progress and laughing young ladies at last have forced the final male to unmask.
19° On every hand are the still smoking embers but the forest fire is out and the weary fighters are most jubilant.
20° A large white dove circles about and about overhead and then descends and proves to be a carrier with a message.
21° Leaving the room is a well-groomed and striking and conspicuously solitary woman long disappointed and disillusioned.
22° A new deep and velvet-like carpet has been placed in an airy nursery and the happy children revel upon it.
23° A big trained bear sitting on a chair especially built for him is waving all four paws in grotesque fashion.
24° A man obviously of the world has turned his back on passion and is giving people a deep and undying wisdom.
25° A butterfly struggles to emerge from the chrysalis and it seems that the right wing is more perfectly formed.
26° The battery man at the automobile service station (is) about to inspect a customer's car and has his hydrometer in hand.
27° In the quiet of the afternoon in the cool of an art connoisseur's library is an old pottery bowl with fresh violets.
28° The pioneer cottage is prepared for winter's rigors with a tree felled and sawed for fuel and all else in order.
29° The beautifully winged insect has just come forth into glorious adult being on completion of its metamorphosis.
30° A mystic and traditional Babylon has sprung into delicate white bloom.


1° The public market is thronged with people and all are good-natured and hurried on a late Saturday afternoon.
2° Almost as if possessed with man's intelligence a tiny squirrel remains watchful on a limb hidden from the hunter's.
3° A dull expanse of rocky formations turns out to be a petrified forest or an eternal record of life lived long ago.
4° The narrow isthmus between two summer resorts both sparkling with life carries crowded holiday traffic safely.
5° Through the spacious grounds of the church are strung Japanese lanterns for a bazaar of merry hearts and faces.
6° All the traditional dignity of West Point is seen in the parade of officers-in-the-making under the setting sun.
7° Over the strewn and irregular masses of stone at the shore is low-lying fog, but on one rock a cross rests.
8° A trim and splendid young miss at the camp of a semi-military organization blows her bugle triumphantly.
9° A tiny jockey from his magnificent horse looks about eagerly and as the race starts he becomes a god of speed.
10° As a tiny fleck of dust in the sky an aviator sails across the horizon in absolute mastery of these higher realms.
11° A group of serious-eyed, earnest -faced men are seeking illumination and are conducted into a massive sanctuary.
12° A convocation of the Lodge of Initiates has brought the earth's glorious souls in spirit to examine candidates.
13° In a still corner of the museum are weapons of long ago and in a glass case, by itself, is a single venerable sword.
14° A young lady from top of coiffure to tip of toes is regal and she displays soft beauty of face above fox furs.
15° An officer in unkempt campaign uniform is preparing to drill men dressed in military tops quite worn for wear.
16° In the sacred quiet and afternoon half-lights of the museum a young art student drinks in pure inspiration.
17° In the boulevard sunshine the promenade of wealth's Easter is seen and in poorer quarter's is equally brave show.
18° The celebrated revivalist has erected his huge tent, now warmed by music, lights and the smell of sawdust.
19° The young man and old one have walked weary miles but as master and pupil they neither are fatigued.
20° The window of a farmhouse yields its view of soft purple fields and the table is set for a quiet supper.
21° A child who is strange to rural life has taken violent fancy to a little white lamb and a Chinese servant smiles.
22° Down the man-made mountain of industry in allegorical representation some the prophet with tablets of a new law.
23° A huge hulk of a woman medium gone into trance and around her are entities continually forming and dissolving.
24° The tiny island seems lost in the broad ocean but its happy inhabitants have created a great world all their own.
25° Ecclesiastical reform of drastic nature is in progress and a purged and purified priestcraft opens a new ministry.
26° A new moon just visible at sundown to the lovers is romantic only, but to the philosopher it speaks of eternity.
27° The harvest moon rises superbly in the east and the light of day is shamed by the colors of an autumnal evening.
28° Night has seemed light as day and in the odd shadows of diffused whiteness the fertile fields appear quite alive.
29° The scientist adjusts the tiny prism carefully and by means of the divided rays of light makes his clever analysis.
30° Nathaniel Hawthorne's conception of the Great Stone Face has been brought to fruition in a huge mountain carving.

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